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Episode 21
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As the dependency on A.I. and Smartech continues to grow and more and more consumers invite the technology into their homes, there has been an influx of consumer data that is accessible to organizations and marketers today.

How are marketers approaching the use of this technology in their promotional activities? And do they hold ...
How AI and Smartech is Disrupting the World of Marketing
Episode 20
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In the latest episode of ET Catalyse 2.0, FMCG marketers address the polarising question - ‘Is increasing focus on ROI and performance marketing killing the opportunity for creative and memorable advertising?’.

Deepak Ajwani, Editor at ET Digital; speaks to Damyant Singh Khanoria, Chief Marketing Officer at Oppo India; and Vinee...
Has performance led digital marketing killed creativity?
Episode 19
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We kick-off the latest season of ET Catalyse with a look back at how brands and agencies coped with the over-night effects of the Pandemic, and the key learnings and indefinite changes that have taken place since.
We gaze into the crystal ball with three industry veterans who give their take and predictions on what’s to come in the wo...
Marketing in 2021 - Learnings from the past, plans for the future
Virtual Episode 18
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Consumer behaviour has changed and shifted across the board since Covid. Buying behaviour and purchase decisions have shifted from offline to online.
How have these developments affected the Automotive industry?
In the realm of physical cars and showrooms, how has the act of buying cars changed?
Watch and learn from the bright...
Car, Consumer, Trends
Virtual Episode 17 - Part 2
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In part 2 of the ET Catalyse Automotive Special, marketing leaders discuss the future of the automotive industry, the evolution of consumer behaviour, and the direction towards sustainable and cleaner energy automobiles.
Automotive marketing : Look back, look ahead
Virtual Episode 17 - Part 1
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Did the Indian automotive industry take a hit, post-Covid? And how has consumer behaviour changed when it comes to car buying in a post-pandemic world?
Automotive marketing : Look back, look ahead

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