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Episode 29
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Are physical books going the way of Vinyl? Are people spending less time reading? The growing trend of screen time and social media consumption would have you believe that to be the case. However, one would be surprised to learn that in today’s day and age dominated by digital consumption, the book publishing industry is not just survivin...
No, Books are Not Going The Vinyl Way, Here’s Why
Episode 28
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Agriculture continues to be one of the biggest and most important sectors in India, in 2022; and is no longer just prevalent in rural India as the trend of urban farming continues to rise. What role will agritech play in shaping the future of the agriculture industry in India?

On the latest episode of ET Catalyse, we seek to an...
How Agritech is Shaping The Future of Farming in India
Episode 27
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The gaming industry worldwide is estimated to be a 300+ billion dollar industry and has been one of the most profitable and booming industries over the past decade and more. However, the gaming boom in India has just begun and is growing at a rapid pace.

On the latest episode of ET Catalyse, we are joined by three industry veter...
Why India is The Next Big Billion Dollar Gaming Market
Episode 26
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In the past two years, a number of industries had seen a significant hit as a result of recurring COVID-19 waves and nation-wide lockdowns. One such industry was the hospitality industry. Forced to adapt and innovate, the hospitality sector in India is not just surviving, but is soon expected to thrive.

How did market leaders in...
How The Hospitality Industry is Making a Comeback
Episode 25
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The FMCG space has changed and evolved rapidly in the past few years, and so have FMCG marketers on their approach towards reaching out to consumers.

On the latest episode of ET Catalyse, Deepak Ajwani, Editor of the Economic Times Digital, sits down with Anurita Chopra, Chief Marketing Officer, India Sub-Continent at GSK Consume...
Today’s consumers don’t buy a product, they enter an ecosystem - GSK’s CMO on ET Catalyse
Episode 24
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In Part 1 we discussed Crypto Trading 101, and how India became the hottest place for cryptocurrency trading.

In Part 2 we examine the challenges and opportunities of marketing crypto to consumers amidst the regulatory uncertainty surrounding the indust...
How to market Crypto in an uncertain future : ET Catalyse Crypto Special

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