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Unicorn Diaries Episode 2
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On Episode 2 of Unicorn Diaries, presented by ET Catalyse, we speak to the very influential mind behind one of the leading Unicorns in the space of Conversational Commerce.

Beerud Sheth, Co-Founder & CEO of Gupshup, joins us to talk about their history, evolution and their journey to becoming a leading Billion-Dollar Enterprise. We...
How Conversational Commerce is Changing Customer Experiences
Unicorn Diaries Episode 1
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We kick off Episode 1 of Unicorn Diaries presented by ET Catalyse, with one of the pioneers in tech and innovation in the General Insurance space, and India’s first InsurTech Unicorn - Digit Insurance.

Vivek Chaturvedi, CMO & Head of Direct Sales at Digit Insurance, joins us to talk about their Unicorn journey and why the insurance...
How Digit Insurance Became India's First InsurTech Unicorn
Episode 31
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In Volume 1 of the ET Catalyse - ‘The Great Resignation’ special, we spoke with some of the sharpest minds in recruitment to address questions such as ‘are we in a candidate’s market?’ and ‘what is the future of organizations and the workforce in the coming years?’.

In Volume 2, we take a deeper dive and explore the circumstanc...
Everything You Wanted to Know About The Great Resignation Vol. 2
Episode 30
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‘The Great Resignation’ was first coined in May 2021 as 41% of the workforce were predicted to leave their employers in pursuit of greener pastures. This led many organizations to adapt their recruitment approach, and re-look at the employee and employer relationship.

Fast-forward to 2022, and there is still talk surrounding its i...
Everything You Wanted to Know About The Great Resignation Vol. 1
Episode 29
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Are physical books going the way of Vinyl? Are people spending less time reading? The growing trend of screen time and social media consumption would have you believe that to be the case. However, one would be surprised to learn that in today’s day and age dominated by digital consumption, the book publishing industry is not just survivin...
No, Books are Not Going The Vinyl Way, Here’s Why
Episode 28
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Agriculture continues to be one of the biggest and most important sectors in India, in 2022; and is no longer just prevalent in rural India as the trend of urban farming continues to rise. What role will agritech play in shaping the future of the agriculture industry in India?

On the latest episode of ET Catalyse, we seek to an...
How Agritech is Shaping The Future of Farming in India

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